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Storm still surrounds Censor Board

24, Aug 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: There is no lull after the storm at the Censor Board. The stormy air is still blowing across the Board. The temperature is still higher. The clouds are thundering over the office. This loud thunder is disturbing the film makers too particularly those whose films are pending for the filming certification. Without the mandatory availability of the required certificate, the films cannot be screened, as the rule commands.

The new highly qualified president has joined the office following Pahlaj Nihalani’s ouster. It was nothing less than the violent storm. With the similar velocity, the fresh chief felt no qualm in ordering his censor rights to ban the Punjabi film, Toofan Singh. The regional language movie’s name itself denotes storm, hurricane, tempest and tornado. It was the first final feat of the Censor’s Board head.

Being a literary person how can he be so pitiless or unkind? Question some saner people. He can certainly be. He is now equipped with administrative powers. His decision can be anything and everything. He can never tolerate similarity of the character of Toofan Singh with a greatly admired revolutionary like Bhagat Singh. Therefore, he initiated the strictest decision against the contents of the film depicting aggressive tendencies. This motion picture looked like spreading the message of cruelty. None can keep commiseration with this kind of film as the Board believed.

According to the report, Toofan Singh plays the role of a terrorist and kills corrupt politicians and even policemen but the Board appears to have become more Toofani by going through the wrong or odd comparison. This was bound to catch attention on the part of the president who applied his power to put a ban on the showing of the film in the country though its overseas release had already been done in the beginning of this august month.