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Software engineer designs a news filter app to avoid AAP related news

03, Feb 2014 By Amol Khanolkar

A 23 year old Software Engineer from Chennai has designed an app which could be used to filter specific topic related news. Disturbed by day in and out coverage provided by all media channels only on AAP, Srinivasan has developed app which could be installed on smart TV and would filter AAP related news.

“Yes, we like to be on TV”

Srinivasan said “I am an avid news watcher and watch a lot of news. But 24 by 7 coverage of Kejriwal has deteriorated my mental health. Even in my dreams instead of my office colleague (his female friend), I find Mr. Kejriwal and 40 corrupt politicians from all other parties talking to me. I have started feeling like media channels are not allowed to leave out of Delhi. This filter once installed on TV would automatically play previous interviews of Rahul Gandhi as soon as it detects any repetitive news about AAP or debates on the same. Filter would be smart enough to detect presence of AAP news by performing statistical analysis on video and audio signals. At the same time it would be smart enough not to filter unique achievements of AAP Govt and will only avoid repetitive coverage of same news.”

He further added – “I am in talks with several smart TV manufacturers to pre-install this software in their products. But most of them are scared of facing immediate ban or licence cancellation for the Delhi-NCR region and long term ban all over India considering if Kejriwal forms minority govt in centre. However he asserted that he is hopeful and exploring different ways of taking app to maximum number of people. Many people from different sections of society have already expressed their interest and are eagerly waiting for my software.”

We wish Mr. Srinivasan Best Of Luck for his future and grand success for his app.