Thursday, 22nd March, 2018

Show biz accepts fair face highly

27, Jul 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: If there was no difference in the facial form, there was no requirement of the make-up. The young girls then would not be hankering after makeup at different occasions. There was no tension or hypertension. There was no make-up market and no fashion shows for publicity purposes. It was like animals’ society. But thankfully it is not as such. A girl was in complete tension following her kidnapping. Oddly enough she was not upset over abduction but more on her without makeup photo altogether.

Her photo without proper makeup was released to the law enforcement agencies and even the media. She was apprehensive of her exact face exposure to the whole wide world. This was certainly her normal irritation as every young girl used to feel. A powdered face is an utmost necessity for them on every occasion. A face wonderfully changes its appearance after the makeup straight away. In a way, the girls do the makeup in the right earnest simply for looking prettier.

It is on this perceptible basis of the good face and the brownish face the film actresses are occasionally subjected to the mental torment. They have often made it a point in their respective interviews.  As the famous actress, Richa Chaddha expressed recently how has she felt bad at someone suggesting the makeup man apply extra fairness cream on her face? She showed her deep anguish and annoyance over this hint to the make-up man. She tolerated this kind of humiliation during a film shooting as she revealed.

Staying in the film world for the past over a decade she realised this disgrace only once in her career but it remained a very, very bad experience of her celebrated life. Though this kind of shame was also swallowed up by the magnificent actor Nawazuddin in recent days and he took it quite audaciously.