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Sexual harassment convict offers to take six months off the work

22, Nov 2013 By iamgreat

New Delhi (Rioters) In a bizarre turn of events, a techie from New Delhi has taken six months off the work in an effort to recuse and rescue himself over a matter pertaining to sexual harassment. Mr. Munnabhai Balatkarwala, a senior technical director of a well known MNC that specializes in making spy cameras for sting operations in the city, has been accused of and subsequently convicted for attempting to molest a co-worker.

Though he has made every effort to conceal the case, a video captured on his own sting cam leaked out, leaving him without substantial defense. Eventually, Mr. Balatkarwala confessed the crime and blamed his camera for malfunctioning. The court has sentenced him to 6 months imprisonment. However, taking a cue from a recent case of similar nature, he has offered to take six months off and said he would go on a long cherished vacation to Ibiza, in exchange of the punishment. The court is considering his plea.