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Sea route to raise Haj pilgrims' pains

13, Aug 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: The proposed new Haj policy is reviving the sea route pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia. Although its final shape is yet to set up different rules, the pressure on pilgrims is not going to be lessened. How they can save themselves from the sea sickness if they are once again prepared to begin their sea journey for the Haj. Attentive consideration over reviving the pilgrimage through the closed sea route is being discussed upon. Arrangements can be done to cut down the travel expenses drastically in pilgrims’ interests. However, this presumed pro-poor approach seems not so supportive for them.

The possibility of reduced travel cost will lose its vehemence if once a pilgrim suffers from bodily weakness after sea sickness. Positively, the pilgrim should be hale and hearty in the performance of the Haj rites. Not only the hours of the voyage will enhance by the sea route but also constant stay amid the water for several days will somehow down the pilgrims’ energy. So far as they are straightforwardly reaching the twin sacred cities of Saudi Arabia in nearly six hours by air and they also remain confident of their trip. They hold no sense of ambiguity in their fixed flight journey.

The ship journey will be akin to inviting into more troubles. When a pilgrim leaves home he commonly realises some anxiety. The pilgrim tries to adjust in accordance with the given condition. But getting used to the sea environment in just two or three days will be an extra botheration. However, Haj pilgrims’ numbers will definitely with ferrying of about five thousand pilgrims to Jeddah in one go. Above 2300 nautical miles in two or three days will be covered from Mumbai to Jeddah while the same sea voyage used to take twelve to fifteen days in pre-1995 days.