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Sagarika Ghose misspells Internet Bindoo, draws ire from Bollywood Vamps Association

06, Nov 2013 By baaldrogo

In a surprise turn of events, Sagarika Ghose in one her posts bashing Internet Hindu’s which is basically her job on the network, failed to get it right and misspelled it as Internet Bindus in one of her superhit articles.

This has been taken very seriously by the Bollywood Vamps Association headed by Mrs.Bindu who has had an illustrious career playing villainous characters in a number of superhit Bollywood movies.

“Its not even funny that Mrs. Ghose has misspelled my name in every reference and it appears that her hate for Hindu and Bindu is equal”. She has taken specific objection to be compared as the Taliban, “Back in my day I was a part of organizations that The Taliban can only dream of ” . Lalita Pawar who is a mentor to Nikhil Wagale also bashed this incident and came in defense of her fellow vamp, “We were scouting for new recruits to our club and also looking for a brand ambassador, she is definitely out of the race now ” said Mrs.Pawar in her famous wink and iron grasp.

Bindu along with Shashikala and Nadira had approached the various yesteryear’s villains to garner support for their cause but were denied because the Hospital and Jail visiting hours were over. Media coverage was also limited as Rahul Gandhi and Narendra Modi were conducting consecutive rallies and rest were busy with the Sachin farewell series, further disheartening the Vamps. Many were seen recollecting their clout in the past and how it has been overtaken by the current TV stars and journalists.

Internet Hindus came out in defence of Bindu and have asked her to support BJP and join twitter. Congress spokesperson declined to comment, and said “Sonia ji is already unhappy with a lot of things already, we will add it to the list but for now its a pretty long one”. Nirmal baba has advised to mix green red and purple chutney and be eaten twice a day to teach Sagarika a lessons. All the Feminist brigade and the Womens Commision members are currently on Diwali vacations so could not be contacted.

Meanwhile Sagarika Ghose wary of the consequences has roped in the beacon of free speech and womens rights veteran Raghu Ram. Raghu in Sagarikas Defence said “Ma@#$@#$234, Bh@#$@$, unki to …5#**”  he also said “@$#@$@ jo ki $@#%$” which recieved instant applause from Sagarika.

Mrs.Bindu has threatened to approach Rajnikant, following which Saragika and the entire main stream media provided an unconditional apology.