Thursday, 19th April, 2018

Rlys cares little at classy or cattle class

18, Nov 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: The Congress leader Shashi Tharoor is in question over his certain remarks. In the midst of his that particular comment, his cattle class mention also has been occasionally mentioned. Who has realised the reality of travelling into the general compartment? Those modest politicians flaying that precedent observation could never admit of travelling in the stuffed second class. They seldom take a trip sitting into the general bogies. Why did not they tell the truth to the country? Queer Questions like this make us in utter doubt about the politicians’ attitude and their political beliefs as well.

Presently the truth is that the Ticket Travelling Examiner sees no hesitation in telling the general ticket passengers of paying the penalty amount if they dare to board another bogey in case of the crowded general compartment. The passengers remain stuffed into the jam-packed general bogie giving an impression of the cattle class. It can’t be wholly overlooked. Despite no-reservation compartment in the inter-city superfast train running between Kanpur and Allahabad presents the cattle class tint.  Its superfast tag fails to popularise owing to its time-consuming run.

The general class bogies remain always in fewer numbers. The passengers’ number in such bogies are never in small number so they have to adjust themselves in whatever scant space they find in the general class compartment. They stand in one position until their journey comes to an end. No railways official ever consider of bringing improvements in regard to the second class bogey. It is in this general the passengers understand the value of the space. It is never visualised over attaching extra bogies in the trains. When there is a facility for women and disable passengers in the shape of additional bogies, the consideration for more bogies should stir up among the responsible authorities.