Thursday, 22nd March, 2018

Risky bridges break public faith

07, Aug 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: Peculiarly enough more than one hundred bridges are badly in need of repairing. This is not people’s cry but it is clarified by the government itself. Despite this persisting factuality, there was no preparedness in its renovation for public safety. Those bridges are on verge of collapse. This terse information was made available after a safety audit report. This truth has stunned the country’s every citizen as they came to know of their risky movement on those declared dilapidated bridges.  Out of 1.6 lakh bridges in the country above one hundred bridges are in poor shape.

It also some way sheds light on lurking danger on those risky bridges. Those road users who are unknowingly crossing these shaky structures might be bemoaning of their audacity. If the bridges have been categorised in the dangerous list, regular use of rickety bridges would not be rational in any way.  Pre-British era or British time bridges are supposed to be sturdier for the materials were never of substandard in the past time. Although it has been cleared those over one hundred bridges needed immediate attention yet it has not been announced whether the bridges were worthy of use after the declaration.

One thing is quite clear with this stark revelation. The people would fear to tread on those unsound bridges anymore. It has also not been cleared whether the traffic has been closed on those dangerous bridges scattered all over the length and breadth of the large country. Currently constructed bridges create a certain level of doubts. Completion does take a long time but chinks and fissures come out sooner. A huge amount of money is spent on raising such sturdier structures. The marked robustness begins to dwindle behind the use of below standard construction materials. When voice is raised, the blame game begins and the people’s attention gets diverted from the actual cunningness.