Thursday, 22nd March, 2018

Rise over success by utter talents

23, Jul 2017 By shakeel ahmad

 KANPUR: None can stop one’s success if one is talented enough to scale the steps of the ladder leading to the goal. Undeniably one faces the sting of favouritism or preferential treatment or favouritism but his hidden capacity paves the way of achievement. This is what we often describe as self-accomplishment. On the basis of their concealed acting talents, a number of artists made their remarkable place in the Bollywood. They made their perfect way around the towering acting area before leaving an indelible impact on the filmdom. Therefore, it has been absolutely clear if one is intelligent enough to supersede others, none can have the courage stop the individual to attain the lofty pinnacles of success.

Most recently, nepotism has been discussed through a witty joke in the IIFA programme on the distant land. By the way, the film actress Kangna Ranaut remained at the centre of this criticism. She was right in answering the point which represents her observations on the matter. She has her own views on securing success in the film business. She remained critical of Karan Johar, Saif Ali Khan and others in the forceful style. She was ready to accept that various other things were also required for getting success in the film business. Talent could not be the lone decisive factor.

Although our ancient caste system points to transfer of skills hereditarily yet it was still not rejected wholly. At present the son of businessman generally becomes a businessman. In case his talents bring another scope for him he adopts different recourse. Accordingly, Kangna was of view if Saif Ali Khan was right, she would have had been a farmer. If Saif would himself see, he did not follow cricketing career like his father. He was deeply engaged in the acting field because of his sheer attitude.