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Real reason for Arnab going missing from Times Now

13, Sep 2013 By rnraoin

Mumbai. It was a usual day at the TimesNow office. They were getting reports from Udaipur on Rahul Gandhi’s speech. Arnab was as usual trying to get the panel ready for the noise news hour. “I haven’t provided enough comic relief lately. Let me invite Sanjay Jha today”, he thought to himself.

Arnab has embarked on a journey to demand answers from nature now.

His boss sends him an SMS. “Be gentle on the RG speech. We have the next set of Bharat Nirman Ads contract still not signed up.”

“Man, that can be tough”, he thought to himself. “I should have somebody like AM Singh in that case to defend well. That joker of a Jha will screw it up”.

“I should also prepare something on twisting Narendra Modi’s speech too.”

To make sure he has all the positive things identified on Rahul Gandhi’s speech, he asked to play the speech footing. Inside reports say that after hearing the speech Arnab just left.

“His mobile was switched off. Nobody knows why he left office so suddenly”.

After frantic efforts to get the real reason, his wife finally found out:

“You know I did not know the real meaning of life. Everyday I shout on the TV demanding answers on behalf of the nation. I felt so miserable. But now I have got the real meaning. Today onwards I am going to work only 100 days a year. Eat one roti a day. What more do we need in life?” He said reflectively.

His close friends say that his wife is very happy with this decision. He might stop shouting at home demanding answers even when there are no questions, she felt.

Rajdeep Sardesai also had a deep impact of the same speech. But he thought to himself that he still needs Old Monk every night, which he might not get if he works only 100 days a year.