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Real Piece of News article found in TOI

06, Nov 2012 By akagraw

Bangalore. Subscribers to the Entertainment daily ToI were in for a surprise this Sunday morning when they woke up to a real news article hidden in page 3 of the 74 page edition. It is believed that an overzealous former reporter turned “ad designer” turned nostalgic and managed to run an article about a brutal murder in the city. The matter created an outrage on social media sites stating that articles like these are a bad influence on kids. People took to the roads burning down effigies of ToI. At the time of printing this article #BurnDownTOI was trending.

ToI later ran an apology signed by the Editor-in-chief that read “Yesterday there was an article of news that appeared in the paper. We regret the actions by sole ex-reporter in the company and ensure appropriate action has been taken on the matter. We pride ourselves as a kid friendly paper with educational sections such as “celebrity affairs” and “who is sleeping with whom”. We understand that real news articles have an adverse effect of kids and apologize for the same”. Faking News reporter found that the ex-reporter had been ordered to an acclimatization training where trainees are shown ads  for a non stop duration of 72 hours.

The marketing head of the daily when contacted for comment said, “Two years ago we decided engage consultants from top firms across the country and realized that there is no need of news in the daily to divert the attention of subscribers from all the advertisements and semi-nude photos of celebs. We quickly restructured and re-branded ToI to an Entertainment Daily. We still stand by our commitment and will ensure no such incidents happen in the future”.