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Reactions from various segments of the society, When Arnab Goswami takes sanyas from journalism

20, Mar 2015 By frustmanoos

Mumbai. The scourge of God, the tragedy of India, the bane of free speech, His Highness, Arnab Goswami has finally decided to forsake his career in journalism. Accordingly, he will no longer host the much despised, cacophonous and disconcerting Newshour show. This news has sent ripples of joy throughout the nation. Surprisingly, the political class of the nation has joined hands with the Aam Aadmi to celebrate this development. Our reporter brings to you reactions of various segments of the society to this breaking news-

Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, tweeted this morning,“Maine Kaha tha naa, Acche Din aane wale hain. I would like to congratulate all my countrymen on this occasion”

Sanjay Jha meditating upon knowing soul-blessing news of Arnab's retirement
Sanjay Jha meditating upon knowing soul-blessing news of Arnab’s retirement

Congress Party Vice President and heir apparent, Mr. Rahul Gandhi spoke to media persons. He said “Truth has triumphed over evil. Secularism has won. BJP’s ploy to mislead India has been exposed”

BSP Supremo Mayawati said “Ye Manuvadi manasikta ki haar aur Bahujan Samaj ki jeet hai. Iske liye main bahujan samaj ko badhai dena chahoongi”

AAP Convenor and Delhi CM, Arvind Kejriwal tweeted, “Ab sau saal Kejriwal”

Dr. Harit Khurana, Spokesperson, Delhi Doctors’ Federation, expressed sadness at this development. He said, the Newshour show was responsible for ensuring a steady stream of patients to clinics and hospitals. It was the biggest reason for the high BP, stress and other among its viewers. Doctors will now have to look at diversifying their businesses.

Ms. Renuka, Chief spokeswoman of the “Internationally funded national NGO council of India” claimed that and Indian and American Imperialism were behind this move and that there will be no improvement in the situation of marginalized people of India till Government of India is overthrown.

VHP & RSS have asked for bells to toll in all Hindu temples at third pahar of Shukla pratipada for 1 hour. Many Mahants have endorsed RSS’s call.

In Pakistan, celebrations broke out in streets in Lahore, Karachi and other cities. Pakistani panelists, who had been frequently insulted by Mr. Goswami rejoiced at this development. Pakistani Premier, Nawaz Sharif has asked all Imams to Thank Allah for this news during their Friday sermons.

President Obama sent a congratulatory message to both PM Modi and PM Nawaz Sharif, reminding them that this God gifted opportunity could be used to resolve all differences between India and Pakistan.

Captain of the Indian Cricket Team, Mr. Dhoni also tweeted late in the night, “I feel as though the burden on my shoulders has reduced considerably. Now I and my boys can play without the fear of being mocked at by Mr. Goswami”

The Election Commission of India also issued a statement saying that Arnab’s exit would help them in conducting free and fair elections in the country. The statement also said that this was a step in the right direction for the Indian economy.

Also, view of an Aam Aurat. Mrs. Sharma said that her husband used to drink heavily before watching Newshour every day to deal with the stress and then become violent as the show progressed. She said that she had also filed an FIR against Mr. Goswami at Sadar Police Station. She thanked the almighty for lessening her woes considerably.

And finally, Arnab’s arch nemesis, Mr. Subramaniam Swamy said “He was a fool.. A bloody fool…. Good that that Dumbo has finally shut up”