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Raje govt reduced pollution so that Lalit Modi could have fresh air and healthy lungs: Alleges Arnab

30, Jun 2015 By Pagla Ghoda

Mumbai: Famous Indian news channel Kennings & Low Public Debate television (KLPD-TV) has been asking tougher questions than usual off lately. During their special program “Tonight’s demands from Anchor (TODA)”, the chief executive anchor Arnab Roychowdhary held around 45 sheets of paper in his right hand and a poking parker pen his left hand when he furiously screamed in front of camera and asked “The nation wants to know, why Raje government reduced air pollution in the state? Was that done so that Lalit could breathe healthy air? Why was such special treatment shown to Lalit and Lalit’s lavish lungs? Why Raje why?“


Arnab apparently fumed so furiously while asking this question that a lot of spit from his mouth actually completely splashed the 2 lakh 50 thousand rupee worth broadcasting camera and rendered it useless. To distract viewer’s attention immediately the screen flashed the pollution statistics from Jaipur along with correct date of arrival and departure of Lalit Modi.

The hard-hitting statistic remained on the screen for a few seconds while a back-up broadcasting camera was arranged and the show proceeded into what looked like a one-sided panel debate. Arnab continuously asked tough questions to panelists and kept answering them himself. He did allow some panelists to speak for more than 12 seconds but that was when he was sipping some water. Some of the key questions raised during the debate were:

1) Did Lalit Modi get special treatment when Raje government reduced particulate matter in the air and reduced air-pollution while he was in Jaipur?

2) Did Lalit Modi get special treatment when an auto-wala charged him Rs. 300 for a 7 Km ride when the unofficial market rate is Rs. 43 per KM (comes to Rs. 301 for 7 Km)?

3) Did Lalit Modi get special treatment when the hot-cold water shower in his hotel room actually worked properly giving the right mix of water and he was able to shower for 25 minutes at stretch?

While the panel and the nation did not get the answers to these serious questions, Arnab did pose these questions to the panelists in many different tones and with subtly different gestures. He also got into the fight with one of the panelists who had joined via video conferencing, but before the fight could ugly the panelist somehow lost connection to the studio and could not connect till the end of the show.

While it is not yet clear what was the exact source of the statistical graph presented during the show, Arnab did promise to bring up a new statistic against Raje government everyday and urged the viewers to express their discontent under the hashtag #LalitGate.