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Rajdeep and Arnab to interview Delhi tiger Vijay

03, Oct 2014 By twss

New Delhi/Mumbai: After various posts on facebook doing the rounds about a forensic report claiming that the tiger at the Delhi zoo was indeed trying to save the man from stone pelters, “high-class” journalists Rajdeep and Arnab have joined hands to interview the male tiger at the Delhi zoo inside his enclosure.

The decision has been arrived at after citizens have been aggressively discussing on social media on whether there is any credibility to the forensic report. After Rajdeep displayed his skills at extracting answers from people last week at Madison Square, he has been confirmed as the right person to interview the tiger on what exactly he was trying to do with the man who jumped into his enclosure. Arnab has been chosen to assist Rajdeep into intimidating the tiger and bringing out the truth.

Speaking to unreliable sources, Rajdeep hinted at a few questions he might be asking the tiger, one of which happened to be “Did Modi teach you to behave like this?”. Unverified reports have also claimed that Rajdeep was seen at a location called “Fight Club” where he may have been trying to fine-tune his fighting skills in case the tiger came up with smart answers.

“These animals have no class…” Rajdeep was heard signing off while Arnab was heard roaring “what was the tiger trying to do with the man? the nation demands an answer!”.