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Question paper for job in TOI leaked

28, Sep 2014 By Nihshabd

Please answer the following questions with an appropriate suggested headline for the answer:

Question 1: What should be the vision of a NEWS paper?

Answer: CEO of a cola company once said, “My aim is to replace water in people’s mind”. Similarly, vision of a NEWS paper should be to replace most popular phenomenon on web, i.e. “Pornography”.  Whenever, one has the urge to “release”, there should be a handy newspaper available.

However, since social media has overtaken porn as the no. 1 activity on the web, newspaper shall rethink its strategy by mixing porn with social media. Even though any deviation from the current focus on competition may result in serious employee dissatisfaction, the Newspaper should still consider it as this may double the pleasure at work by mixing nudity with the right to encroach one’s personal space.

Suggested Headline: Porn is no more the competition: TOI

Question 2: What do you understand by Moral Policing?

Moral policing is an act of individual, whereby, s/he tries to hold media morally responsible for anything. This act is often disguised as request to allow some personal space. Often the phrase, “respecting a women’s modesty”, is used apply the heinous act of Moral Policing which is detrimental to news making.

Suggested Headline: (Moral) Police bribed by newspaper

Question 3: What do mean by character assassination?

“Character assassination”, is an amazing weapon by which the power of media could be displayed to an individual. The tool is being effectively used in case of “Deepika Padukone”. Following are the typical ways of using the weapon:

  1. When the girl says, “you breached my modesty”, reply by saying “you invited”. Never apologize
  2. Your shorter clothes are my certificate to voyeur
  3. Every protest is a publicity stunt. Girls ravaged by media and popular people could be targeted with this weapon very effectively
  4. Quote the delay in response as time taken to plot conspiracy. A typical quote could be “if you really did not want me to rape you, why did you not kill me then”

Suggested Headline: Deepika is a hypocrite