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Prinyanka wonders like wanderer

16, Jul 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: ‘There are still many things about my life which are yet to be told. If anyone makes the first move of writing a book upon me, the title ‘Unfinished’ would be ideal’, said the famous actress Priyanka Chopra. She was all the more correct in her didactic declaration. She has tried her adept hand at singing, acting and producing films. She has so many responsibilities to complete. Her lone non-film music album, “I can’t make you love me” was released in the year of 2014.

How had she thought of the title unfinished for her biography? It seems that inner voice goaded her to speak so as she is still a declared single person despite all the publicised successes. Then, it is not fully unworthy to state that she is yet to be polished off. She is hitherto incomplete without the wedding. Like many other things, she has not finalised this social answerability. So long as she stays unmarried, her every other task will remain unfinished. It is obviously the bond of marriage which makes an individual complete and comprehensive. So why has not taken a decision? What impedes the former Miss World to deliberate over this special common point?

When she reacted on her vulnerability in the cause of the music production because of the time factor, she would have been lacking somewhere the very worth of marriage for concentrating on the musical projects. Married individual centres on establishing harmony between melody and composition. Although she has sung for her Marathi movie, ‘Ventilator’, yet she is feared of lacking the required promotional abilities in her. She finds herself entrapped into several ideas but nothing has reached the final stage. This is because of her single status. The Miss World title matched her ingrained capabilities all over the world indisputably.