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PornHub requests TOI to team up for further celebrity photoshoots

17, Sep 2014 By johnrj

Bangalore: After the gruelling controversy of Deepika’s tweets against TOI, the national newspaper have been approached by the world famous PornHub website to team up with them for further photoshoots.

“Since TOI have been incredibly stealthy with clicking pictures of female celebrities and posting it on their website home page and Twitter accounts with dubious intentions, we would like to welcome them with open hands to our world” said Mr. Sori who was a representative of Pornhub India, “We don’t want them to hide themselves as we are proud to do what we do for a business and we would like to team up with them.”

Good for TRP!

He further continued to comment on the perverted brilliance of the photographers who have been clicking pictures of celebrities for years and admire their courage in publicly releasing them in their own papers.

“We admire their courage. As expected from a national newspaper, they seem to have a knack to pick out photographers who have an eye for perversion and that’s the kind of people we are interested in hiring too,” Mr. Sori continued “Especially when their newspaper defends them so much, I am sure they would love to partnership with us too.”

TOI have been silent over the news about PornHub’s anouncement and sources inform us that some of the photographers who are involved in the celebrity photo captures are against the idea.

“Now we can take whatever pictures we want in the name of national newspaper and media but what if we associate with PornHub? If we involved their name, we would not be in the position to provide sizzling sensational pictures to our audience in the name of media,” said an anonymous TOI photographer. “We take these pictures because we get minimum one million clicks for each of the picture from the men who see our website. There is no law stopping us from taking these pictures since we are national newspapers but if we join PornHub, it might become illegal in a way.”

Some photographers have secretly informed us that they are willing to join Pornhub since their photography skills are not upto mark anyways and finding a job elsewhere is quite difficult in itself.

“I am actually not a photographer at all,” said an anonymous photographer of TOI “They just tested me if I can use my index finger well and they suddenly gave me a camera to start clicking pictures of celebrities. So now I can proudly say that I am a TOI photographer and I am ready to work on behalf of PornHub also.”

To support their claim, PornHub have already created a separate section in their website named “Voyeurs of India” and have added TOI’s past clicks already to assist their partnership to better terms.

PornHub have revealed that talks are in progress but TOI have repeatedly reported that it is not currently having any deals with them. More news to be updated regarding this deal soon.