Friday, 27th April, 2018

Politicians need to trim large bellies

06, Jul 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: In an important alteration intended at ensuring a fighting-fit police brass, the union govt plans to connect Indian Police Service officers’ promotion with the physical fitness. Though all IPS officers have to pass the physical fitness papers as part of their induction training, they are not undergoing scrutiny thereafter. An IPS officer needs to be physically fit and active to deal with the untoward field situation.

Would that norm apply for our politicians whose ponchos are also required to be trimmed? The election commission needs to ponder over including an additional condition for a no-poncho politician. This will help the country a lot. If they will not have that oversized belly they would certainly look more active in their working areas. They can walk more in rural areas to learn of the villagers’ real woes. They will not search for cosy convenience all the time.

They should be told to produce a monthly report to the party’s president of their every kind of exercises. It will let the party chief understand the politician’s interest in the bodily fitness. At present, there is an urgent requirement of the politicians who can look fit and fine like Guru Ramdev. It would be far better if this Yoga Guru should be assigned lifetime job of instructor for all the heavy poncho politicians.

Just as the promotion is based on the physical fitness so as the politician on being selected for the ministership must fulfil the bodily fitness standard. After all, a politician is devoted to the common people. For sufficient service to the common man, big-bellied politicians hold no value. The moment belly begins to enlarge; the person turns out to be lethargic slowly. Enough movement is not liked and comforts start surrounding such individual. This development hampers the welfare works as the politicians with larger round belly stop thinking in that positive direction.