Tuesday, 23rd January, 2018

Poets pick pain into profit

18, Jun 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: “Pain begets a poet”, stressed a rational mind. But can this pain denote plain body ache or a headache or a toothache? Certainly, it cannot be that kind of ordinary pain which produces a prolific poet.Some genuine natural, creative and imaginative abilities for that purpose. Even if a poet also looks like an ordinary simple individual, there stays some special kind of radiance upon his noticeable singular face. Some abhor being a poet as the rhythmical gush is not an appreciative trait or unique talent for them while several others feel proud of the lyrical abilities.

Scholars regard that the pain with reflective thoughts on prevailing socio-economic-political anomalies can produce a prolific poet. Side by side an imaginative mind is an essential requisite for being a poet. If this is the sole thing behind becoming a poet, everyone will not earn the credit of becoming a versifier. The versifier flings words of fire either to amuse or to muse the audience. This clears the handy actuality of something different. One can be a poet if the intensity of pain can be at the macro level. It requires having a strong feeling of obsessive pain. Howsoever deep the feeling is the poet can be that much creative.

A down-to-earth poet with the realistic frame of mind thinks beyond the common man’s suffering and the very knowledge of this deep hidden way of life creates poet. Discomfort does not create poetry but criticism. Pains mixed with profound imagination breed verse and this is a rare trait of rhymester. During the olden days of royal courts, the bards used to assume air over their unique qualities of versifier but nowadays the poets are commercial in the true sense of the marketing values. They keep their eyes set on the monetary matters as they attain the dexterity of converting the pain into the financial profits.