Saturday, 24th March, 2018

People rue eve-teasing with gravity

01, Aug 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: What a change is perceptible on the college campus! A girl before getting admission into her graduation course at a prominent college has to face the disgrace of eve-teasing. She finds no liberty in the wider boundaries of the college. She undergoes the fear and weakness. She comes to the college for her admission along with the parents but the daring Romeos feel no compunction in extending the extremes of wickedness. Is it the first needless test to enter the portals of prestigious institutions?

Being the admission time to different graduate courses the girls are approaching the desired colleges for their admission. However, they are first subjected to humiliation unnecessarily by the tight-legged jeans wearing boys roaming for their purposeful entry into the college corridors. Are they free for eve-teasing first for admission?

Commonly the admission form is duly submitted by the qualified admission seekers. But there are vices very strangely in league with those types of young men who are entering the college precincts for their overtly ulterior motives. Where is the ant-Romeo squad to deal effectively with this indisputable problem? The girls are not even safe in the temples of learning. The Romeos have turned out to be as brazen as they are not leaving the guardians from insolence.

On the raising of such derogatory issues the college principal begins to primarily see the profound prestige of the institution and readies himself for suitable negotiation into the critical matter. The focus remains on repressing the tricky matter related with the emotional trouble of the eve-teasing. When such tendency will continue to prevail upon the college campus, the Romeos will not be discouraged from such nefarious activities. They will no longer fear of being tamed by the lawful agencies running with beeping sound at the high pitch in the city areas.