Wednesday, 21st March, 2018

Are passengers as cheap as bus ticket?

25, Jun 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: It was a shocking experience for city bus passengers when the out of control bus entered into the hospital precincts by breaking its boundary wall. The bus driver appeared to be quite smart as he thought it befitting to go for the first aid initially. If the driver had broken the police station wall, he would have faced severe reprimand. His presence of mind worked on saving himself but his being attentive on the steering did not work ably. The city bus drivers are always smart in driving the motor vehicle but unmanageable conditions make them feeble.

Their capability as the driver is no less inferior to other drivers but mistakes are mistakes. They apply their minds in safe driving but watchfulness and alertness are sometimes neglected. When the city bus goes out of control, the passengers are real sufferers. Losing control of the steering suddenly causes an accident on the roads. This is what exactly happened in the case of a city bus coming towards Moti Jheel side here. In a bid to save the car coming from the wrong side the city bus got into the Hallet Hospital precincts.

The hospital boundary wall was certainly damaged but the hospital administration also cared a fig.  The injured passengers were relieved without any kind of compensation. This is surely the callous side of the state roadways department that attaches no value to the scores of the traumatised passengers. They were left to scatter on their own convenience. Thankfully they did not receive severe injuries.

What a varied news item! Although mishaps are taking place almost daily on the city roads yet this incident is something diverse because of the breaking of the hospital’s boundary wall. The bus was crowded with the passengers at the time of the accident. Their immediate treatment was possible but no words of solace were poured on them. The bus driver saved a speeding car but he cared a fig for those poor hapless passengers. Are their precious lives as cheaper as the bus ticket?