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Pak guest at NewsHour to be awarded Nobel peace prize for not declaring war against Arnab

13, Oct 2014 By Baawra Chhora

Watching Arnab blasting at Pakistani guests in the studio as much, if not more than our soldiers at borders, one might at times feel sympathetic towards the Paki Guests. Nobel Prize committee has decided to more than compensate for their “deterrence, composure and resilience” during the show by awarding them the acclaimed peace prize.

arnab goswami
Arnab blasting Pakis on his show.

Meanwhile, Mani Shankar Aiyar is also being considered for the award. Mr. Aiyar took part in Pakistani TV channel debates as an Indian guest only to justify and support Pakistani acts which avoided any confrontations and Times-hour-like-situation. He was also offered a position of senior detective by Scotland Yard for successfully disguising his Pak-intensions under the skin of an Indian Politian.

Syed Peerzada (one of the Pak Guests at TimesNow) commented, “We had almost thought of getting our slingshot, cannons along with Chinese soundproofing gears to the show next time but this award will help likes of me to accept more humiliation at the show” in his fake American accent.

Sources tell us TimesNow “recommended” Pak-guests for the award after they threated of boycotting the show as an aftermath of stone-pelting at home. The deal was done after TimesNow assured that the jury will never be summoned called at NewsHour.