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Oxford dictionary thanks Tarun Tejpal for adding new synonyms for word “Rape”

02, Dec 2013 By राजदीप सरदर्द दे साई

Oxford Publication today issued an official statement acknowledging Tarun Tejpal’s contributions towards its upcoming edition of the English dictionary.

“We have been following the Tarun’s episode very closely. We always knew he is a great scholar and definitely could contribute to our dictionary as a wordsmith. See what words he has used for describing the incident: ‘Lapse of Judgment’, ‘Light hearted banter’, ‘Wrath of vengeance’, ‘figment of the imagination’, et al.” an editor pointed out.

Tarun Tejpal
Will he speak more words?

“Now look at the word other illiterate people are using : Rape. Definitely other people need to learn how to use words like Tarun. Even we at oxford dictionary did not know that such beautiful words can be used to describe something as ugly as ‘Rape’. Hats off to Tarun Tejpal,” said the editor-in-chief of Oxford dictionary addressing a press meet.

“We will definitely include these words as synonyms of rape in our next edition, but we are waiting for the trail to get concluded as we are expecting Mr. Tejpal to come up with more words and innovating word usage in coming days,” added the senior editor.

Meanwhile Faking News has learnt that editors of Hindi and other language dictionaries are requesting Mr. Tejpal to issue statements in their languages too so that their dictionary can be enriched as well.