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On May 15 Arnab receives election results from fake EC, outraged

16, May 2014 By lordofscrubs

Mumbai, May 15th 2014: Before the counting day, Times Now manages to land itself in another Poll controversy. In an intensely desperate attempt to telecast election results before any other channel Editor-in-chief of Times Now, Arnab Goswami strikes a deal with EC. After receiving the final tally from the EC, Arnab put the election result on Air and soon find himself baffled along with many viewers as the Congress is leading wining according to the polls.


Panelists start questioning the results itself after they find Congress leaders Digvijay Singh, N.D. Tiwari and company are leading heavily, while Congress Vice-President Rahul Gandhi trailing behind. As a big squabble breaks out between BJP and Congress spokespersons, senior journalist on the panel Vinod Mehta gets hyper and starts shouting to stop others from shouting. As the commotion grows Naveeka from Times Now, fails to navigate the ‘Naav‘ of Arnab with rational explanation to every irregularity in the results.

Few hours after the broadcast, Times Now finds out from a Twitter source that the results received are from a fake EC! It turns out that the firm is called ‘Erection Commision’, from Ulhasnagar. Allegedly “Erection Commission” is firm responsible for carrying out fertility surveys of Indian politicians. Not surprisingly enough, It was explained why Digvijay Singh, N.D. Tiwari were leading the polls in the first place! After senior journalist, Vinod Mehta demanding a 3D holographic presentation to explain the survey, Arnab firmly replied ‘Sir, This is a family channel’.

While Twitter queries left Arnab speechless, Times Now prepares for the real election results on May 16th.