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Not as though they were wrong

21, Nov 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: ‘Always you are so ready to take what people say for a proved and accepted fact’, said his friend in a vibrant voice and proceeded to open the drawer. As he was packing to leave for his new posting, he did not fail to promise his father of sending his first amount of salary for his pilgrimage. What he thought about his father was not an exception as obedient sons perceive so. That propensity was part of his respect for his aged father. We had found that trait to be true of most young men though people constantly complained of their honesty and their rectitude.

But you were always sincere man. Everyone knows that. You could ponder over some idea about how you would keep your father happy and contented. As his friend accompanied him to the nearby bus station he told him of the usual money orders sent to him by his father. Although this money was coming to him for meeting the hard necessities yet he felt no remorse for squandering the money in cinema and unnecessary things. His father used to lecture him a bit about his way of hostel life and all that and turned a little jumpy. He boarded the bus for his onward journey.

Thus he parted from his friend on the emotional note for a completely different type of life. He informed his father of his office work and other experiences. He also cleared that he was avoiding a disquisition on cookery with some difficulty. The hotel food was never his habit. His regular monthly salary improved his financial position. Now, he sent a hefty amount to his father who thought taking everything into account and without any bias whatever, to buy an air ticket for Bangkok and rest could be fathomed.