Monday, 23rd April, 2018

Why is noise adding during TV debates?

22, Sep 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: There is a leaning on the television news channels to generate extra excitement over the tender topics in order to catch the viewers’ attention to a larger degree. Instead of making the debate on the given topic these produce uproar like street arguments. Serious lacks in the debate despite the presence of the experienced panellists. Here it more or less appears noise dominates over the news and even the anchor or the host somewhere adds fuel to this kind of debate. However, a slow refutation remains ready on their part. If everyone is sensible, the very noise seems odd.

Sometimes the television viewers think that the debates do hold on other channels too. But the way the saner participants put their respective views seldom found on the popular channels. Why so? Is it owing to the reason of TRP? Whatever it is such kind of verbal disorder is not tolerable. When the disorderly discussion or unruly scenes in the parliament or the assemblies are criticised, there is no requirement of noise during the discussion on the popular TV news channels.

Why do we not find similar reticence or congenial impression on the popular news channels which we usually find in the Lok Sabha TV debate and the Rajya Sabha TV debate respectively? These channels also discuss every burning topic but never present a kind of scene which remains available on other channels. Noise seems to be overshadowing the discussion among the panellists. The hosts are also adopting a different or aggressive kind of anchoring the programme. Their voice more often stays at the high pitch merely to create the sensation during the fixed time debate on different political issues.  Similar panellists secure a place in the noisy discussion. Discussion fails to satisfy the viewers because seriousness finds no suitable place in such scheme.