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Newspaper banned after it's revealed that it was not posting useless political statements

21, Apr 2015 By kishor

In a recent move that seems very unusual to the media industry, Ministry of I & B has taken a decision to ban a leading newspaper in India after it was revealed that it was not posting any news regarding useless comments made by BJP or Congress leaders.

In the first of it’s event since May 2014 when Modi came to power, Congress and BJP are united over this non-intellectual decision taken by the ministry.

“This has definitely upset many high profile leaders and hence the anger has been brought down in this way,” said one of the banned  news correspondent named Prashant Yadav to Faking news.

He added that their newspaper was inspired by  movement against corruption initially led by Kiran Bedi and Arvind Kejriwal and wanted to be non-politically influenced organisation.

Giriraj Singh and Digvijay Singh supported the decision to ban the newspaper. “Saying useless statement that hurts people sentiment is today’s trend to be popular in public. If we do things that makes sense then people will not recognize us and that will be a political suicide,” they said.

Meanwhile Rahul Gandhi was interviewed and he said, “It is our right to say anything against any community and question on bad things in Hinduism & good things in Islam (as these are the only religion using which we can en cash vote bank and have vacations in 7 star hotel with looted tax money), and that’s what newspaper are supposed do. After all news papers are 4th pillar of political party democracy.”

Rahul Gandhi also said this is important to do as it will bring women empowerment in system. After hearing this Media spokesperson fainted for some time, as he wasn’t sure what women empowerment has to do with it.

While we are writing this article on Faking News, breaking news has been received that Anna Khajare, CEO of the newspaper, is going to meet Narendra Modi and Rahul Gandhi on this ban, and negotiate on lifting the ban from newspaper.

After hearing this, once united BJP and Congress Karyakartas have started fighting each other. Newspaper has decided to cover this fight and make it front page headline to get the ban lifted.