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News channels appeal to Delhi LG to dissolve assembly and announce elections to boost TRP

08, Aug 2014 By Pen10

New Delhi. In a surprising development the editors of several national news channels have written to the Lt. Governor of Delhi Mr. Najeeb Jung to dissolve the Delhi Assembly and announce fresh elections. They cite falling TRPs and rising costs since the national elections got over as reasons for pressing their demand.

arnab goswami

“Since the national elections got over we are witnessing a dip in TRPs,” Mr. Rahul Kanwal of the India Today Group told us, “We are incurring huge losses. Only an imminent election can turn the tide. So we request the LG to dissolve the assembly and announce fresh polls. We believe that that will make the TV viewers return to the news channels.”

“We invested a lot of money in the tele-portation thing for the election results,” Mr. Arnab Goswami from Times Now told us, “Now the entire thing is lying idle. We have no idea how to get our money out of it. In our editorial meet we decided that the only way to recover the money from it is if there is another election. The Nation demands an election in Delhi. Our hashtag #WillLGAnswer is now trending on Twitter. 157 tweets have been posted with this hashtag,” Faking News discovered that 105 of those tweets were from the @timesnow handle.

Mr. Bhupendra Chaubey from IBN said that they too had invested a lot of money to hire graphic designers for the election graphics. “First they designed graphics that made your eyes bleed. And now they are sitting around without any work and drinking all the office coffee. Our masters have asked us to cut down on the coffee budget until they acquire a coffee plantation somewhere,” he said.

Reporters from Aaj Tak have threatened to quit their job and join the Aam Aadmi Party like Mr. Ashutosh if elections are not held immediately.

The Aam Aadmi Party has extended its support to the agitating editors and have offered to spend a night on the footpath in front of the Raj Niwas in solidarity. The BJP has advised them to buy employees from rival channels to boost their chances at achieving better TRP.