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News Channel showing news instead of Rohit Sharma's innings banned

09, Nov 2013 By iamgreat

In a shocking turn of events, a news channel was banned by the Information and Broadcasting ministry because it failed to show the highlights of Rohit Sharma’s century at the Eden Gardens but instead focussed on the situation in Muzzafarnagar.

Aaj Kal, a famous 16×7 news channel failed to go by the I&B Ministry’s code of conduct which asks news channels to focus of ‘Constructive Journalism’ rather than news which has no relevence at the national  level. Manish Tiwary, the Minister of I&B, with an Oxford Dictionary in his hand said,”The repercusions of allowing such holistically horrible news channels to continue is immense”.

Constructive Journalism at its best.
Constructive Journalism at its best.

Ajay Maken, the spokeperson of Congress  ‘Party’ Vice President Rahul Gandhi went on to add, “From Babaji ki bhavishyavaani to Babaji ka Thullu, news channels can show anything. Our news channels are so diverse and qualified that they even know what colour is an alien’s faeces. From hosting quiz shows to promoting teleproducts, news channels do it all. It is expected of them to show highlights of cricket matches and even talk about what time MS Dhoni visited the washroom the other day and how many litres of milk he drank.”

Nitish Kumar, chief minister of Bihar was also critical about Aaj Kal’s act, “By reporting about the women that were raped in Muzzafarnagar,  they proved that they are not a secular channel and they were against my demand to grant a special status to Bihar.” Digvijay Singh of the congress put the blame on RSS and Narendra Modi as usual and demanded a CBI probe in the incident.

Meanwhile, our sources have confirmed that last night Rahul Gandhi was found on Google Maps trying to locate Muzzafarnagar. Sonia Gandhi, the wife of  the son of the daughter of  Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, requested her son to look the place in India rather than Angola.