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News anchor mispronounces 'Maracana' as 'Marijuana' stadium

06, Aug 2016 By varunsundars

New Delhi. With 2016 Rio Olympics already filled with doping allegations even before its start, one of the DD-News anchor recently mispronounced the Rio’s ‘Maracana’ stadium as ‘Marijuana’ stadium taking entire sporting world by storm. The incident happened a couple of days back on the build up to the opening ceremony for the games when the news anchor read, “Mass opening for Olympics at ‘Marijuana’ stadium”.

A snapshot of the news telecast that sprouted this controversy
A snapshot of the news telecast that sprouted this controversy

This is not the first time such kind of incident happened here at the National government operated news television, as one of its news anchors had earlier mispronounced Chinese Presient Xi Jinping as Eleven Jinping for which she was fired recently. Another incident is that of mispronouncing TamilNadu’s CM, ‘Jayalalitha’ as ‘Jail-Lalitha’ either intentionally or unintentionally while she was in strangle hold of the asset case. The news studio was surrounded by the party members after which helicopters from CRPF forces were deployed to rescue the guilty host!

PM’s ‘BBC training cess’:

Meanwhile, Prime Minister “Narendra Modi” expressed his deepest condolence for this incident in his ‘Man Ki baat’ TV show promising to organise English classes for its news readers with a special tie-up from BBC television. He will be soon seen imposing ‘Doordarshan anchors’ BBC training cess’ in upcoming budget too. He has also planned to go on a 10 days diplomatic trip to UK to sign this all important pact! Hearing upon this news, all the members of the Indian Contingent currently staying at Games Village at Rio rushed to the Marijuana Maracana stadium believing that Indian government has organised special camps to distribute the dopes like state sponsored Russian doping incidents!

Several Indian athletes including sprinter ‘Dharamveer’ who were barred from representing the nation at Rio raised questions about the ban imposed on them highlighting the prevalent use of doping drugs right at the heart of the Games village itself! On the other side, the Russian contingent which was cut short by almost a half after ban has requested IOC to lift the ban, as their dopers were just trying to uplift the country of Brazil by eliminating the unemployment issue! They explained that Russian Olympians if allowed to participate in full strength would help Brazilian youth to find a highly profitable job by selling the noble drugs.

 An image of famous 'Rings of Marijuana'- Rio Olympic exclusive drug
An image of famous ‘Rings of Marijuana’- Rio Olympic exclusive drug

‘Rings of Glory’ or ‘Rings of Marijuana’???

Russian Olympic Council’s head even pointed out that, dope packets with Olympic rings printed on them were also supposed to be having a Russian flag next to them but IOC played spoil sport on this historic idea! He also said that these dope packets were initially produced for mass circulation among their country’s athletes and with this ban, the poor drug mafia gang who was producing those packets had even gone out of business!

Coming to Indian prospect, anyways the possibility of our athletes winning a medal on consuming the ‘Rings of Marijuana’ (the brand name for the dope packets) is 100% but on the negative side, as performance improvement can only be made from last to 2nd or 3rd last, given the past field records of our proud athletes, who take up the sport only for acquiring a gainful government employment…