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New entry flutters Big Boss inmates

23, Oct 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: There were certain points deserving of attention in the Big Boss show. It turns out to be not a wholly celebrities’show. The ‘selfie maine le lee’ fame singer Dhinchak Pooja’s recent entry into the portals of the house seemed to have fluttered the inmates. They are now quite alert by her unexpected wild card entry as a new member of the protected house. Her entry might draw more attention than Hina-Arshi argumentative talks. She was initially welcomed by open hearts, however, one strong inmate made the house members aware of her personality by uttering the acerbic words like ‘yeh uski bhi baap hai’.

However, peculiar-looking Akaash Daddlani looked in a different temper after meeting probably that youngest competitor. Quite an elderly challenger Sapna was also keyed up to see her inside the house. Hina and Hiten mocked at her in their own diverse styles. The contestants are playing varied shades of their real routine lives inside the Big Boss spacious and well-furnished house. The avid viewers are watching the participants’ moods swinging in the distinct direction in a spur of the moment. Various real characters in this performance-based programme have come into viewers’ direct view more clearly.

The humble friendship with one another, one time despised, is elevating and dropping to the comfortable or uncomfortable conditions day after day in the programme. Anyhow, the inmates like the most vociferous Arshi Khan go before her with the stunning cheerfulness and cautious consciousness towards the awaam. Undeniably every male or female contestant perceives her mind very well. Though the host was laughing at her style of arranging songs, he adeptly tackled his every doubt for his own mental and psychological satisfaction. The experienced host even attempted to understand affix of Dhinchak with the singer’s name. In some changed ways the new entrant resembles, does it not, a novel idea of the Big Boss brainpower?