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NDTV to go mute over Modi for a month

05, Aug 2013 By ajaysp

In response to falling TRPs, and to give a boost to their increments this year, NDTV journalists have decided to stay away from speaking of Narendra Modi. Most of the journalists are of the view that the topic of Narendra Modi has been burnt out on account of excessive usage and the camera persons must telecast something new. NDTV CEO, Vikram Chandra featured on his own channel with Brakha Dutt to state, “It makes sense. For the last quarter we have been dragging Modi in each and every remote happening. Even the war of the intellectuals, referring to Amartya Sen and Bhagwati, was given a political angle to suit the theme of the quarter- Modi. We made two great economists fight a proxy war on behalf of two bulls Rahul Gandhi and Narendra Modi. It has to end somewhere and with someone. So we will stop it.”

Smriti Irani, the ex-darling of Ekta Kapoor, was bemused at the statement of Vikram Chandra. She replied with a crooked smile on her face, the sponsors of NDTV are afraid of the increasing popularity of Narendra Bhai. Inadvertently, the congress is making Modi more famous by popularizing him on its own channel; and I fully agree to Narendra Bhai being a bull however should Rahul Gandhi be called a bull? With Eid these days I have a better animal in mind.”

Amidst all the hulla baloo suddenly gone mute, the unfazed journalist has been Arnab Goswami. He continues to shout within the same decibel range demanding for an answer to new faces on his show. Behind the scene he was frank with us to state his deepest anxiety, “When all others are fighting for increments, I shall have to forgo my salary if I stop talking about Modi. The Gujrati Muslims have a right to seek an answer from the nation’s Prime Minister aspirant.”

Ignorant of the happenings in their rival camp, India TV camera man, Viru Shastrbuddhi was seen with his cameras pointed towards the sky scouring for flying cows.