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Nawaz Sharif stuns Arnab on Newshour!

08, Oct 2016 By srikz

Mumbai- Renowned anchor, celebrity and campaigner of the righteous was stunned today 15 minutes into the Newshour when he was told by the producers that Nawaz Sharif is dialing in through FaceTime to join the other 20 guests that were already on the show to talk about Pakistan’s love for terrorism.

Arnab: Ladies and Gentlemen, I am told that the Pakistan Prime Minister is joining us on the Newshour debate.

Arnab: Mr. Nawaz Sharif… we did not expect you on the show. But.. but… I want to ask you straight and I want a straight answer.

Nawaz Sharif: Yes.. yes… I have come on the show to make sure there is no distortion of information.

Arnab: Well I am sure there is not distortion but tell me Mr. Sharif, if Indian media is banned in Pakistan how did you get access to Newshour? And there will be no one watching this is Pakistan.

Nawaz Sharif feeling like conquering the world by making Arnab silent!
Nawaz Sharif feeling like conquering the world by making Arnab silent!

Nawaz Sharif: Yes. yes.

Arnab: Yes…? Can you explain to us more clearly. Please answer the question! The nation wants to know!

Nawaz Sharif: Yes… ok…

Arnab: ?? Mr. Sharif I want to move on the the core of the matter since you are not answering the previous question. When will Pakistan stop exporting terrorism? Give me a straightforward answer!

Nawaz Sharif: What is terrorism? I don’t understand. can you repeat?

Arnab: Mr. Nawaz Sharif, when will Pakistan stop exporting terrorism? You know, terrorism!

Nawaz Sharif: No, what is terrorism. I don’t know what you mean by terrorism. Is it a new word? I have never heard of this word called terrorism.

Arnab: Mr. Sharif!! Are you telling me that you do not know what Terrorism means?

Nawaz Sharif: No, I never learnt this word in English. In fact there is no such word called terrorism in our syllabus.

Arnab: What? You.. Youuu…You.. can’t evade the question by removing the meaning of English words. The world knows your country is exporting terror!

Nawaz Sharif: How can I export terror when I don’t even know the meaning of the word?

Arnab: What? Are you telling us you do not know Pakistan’s trail of violence across the border?

Nawaz Sharif: Pakistan is a peace loving nation that says no to violence in all forms. We never do violence.

Arnab: Mr. Sharif, I am sorry but you have militants all over POK who are running around freely carry guns, grenades and who knows what other weapons.

Nawaz Sharif: Yes… Yes… they are carrying these but they are peace loving people and they believe in non violent struggles.

Arnab: I..I …

Nawaz Sharif: Pakistan is a nation of peace and love and we don’t know what the word terror means.

Arnab: …….

BJP Spokes person: Arnaaab, obviously he has come from some other dimension and he believe by removing the word terror from he syllabus they will become a peace loving nation. Maybe you should ask him the questions in Urdu before they forget the meaning terror in that language also.

Arnab: …. Mr Sharif, when will Pakistan stop exporting.

Nawaz Sharif:…. we don’t know it in any language.. We are very fast..

Following this statement, the Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif logged out leaving everyone stunned. Faking News followed up by validating text books, new papers and other media and found that everywhere the word “Terror” is replaced with “Love” and the word “Terrorist” is replaced with “Loving people of Pakistan”. Surprisingly this has worked only partially in a country which uses the word “terror” in reference to India’s action. So sentences like “India has committed an act of terror against Pakistan” is now “India has committed an act of love against Pakistan”, which obviously Nawaz Sharif didn’t think off.