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Mother wants book on PC's acting life

06, Jul 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: Although it seemed sudden enough to many a people, the mother’s desire for a perfect book on Priyanka Chopra’s multi-faceted acting life has been going on in her mind for a long time. Her mother Madhu Chopra has only expressed the view in favour of the several pages book so that the coming generation could know of the artiste’s qualities completely. She will definitely be not the first heroine whose story will be written in the form of an inclusive book if any competent author decides to pen down her inspirational ideas which dominated the tinsel town. She appeared to have inspired the modern-day youth to a certain degree. Who would not wish to know of the successful performer? She has acted in a lot of the movies.

Priyanka Chopra’s mother not only did just speak of it right now, she hardly spoke of it previously. In the fulness of her daughter’s worldwide fame, we hear from a mother that she from the core of her heart wants a complete book on her daughter’s stunning accomplishments. Everyone is well aware of the fact how PC achieved the name in the long journey of her career starting from the beauty pageant to the Bollywood and farther to the Hollywood. Her silver screen career remained wonderful despite some despairs. Rejoiced over her success, her mother advocates for a book on her daughter’s life.

Why does she raise such notion? She only yearns for her life’s stirring story in black and white. She is right as the book is for the youths. Her mother curtly acknowledges Priyanka’s vocation sincerely and stubbornly. Her daughter is bitterly ambitious and possesses a fairly clear idea of reaching the pinnacle of filmdom. In no discreditable sense, but still in a definite sense, she might be called at this stage of her age and life experienced and worldly wise.