Thursday, 22nd March, 2018

Moon soil grants up future to dealers

22, Jul 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: When the earth based potters heard of the significance of the moon soil, they began to search ways for obtaining the quantity of moon soil for making their potteries valuable. They are confident of the sudden increase in prices of the earthen potteries in case they turned out successful in securing the costly and rare moon loam by any means.

The scant quantity of moon soil will brighten their gloomy faces with delights. What is valueless on the earth holds higher worth on the moon. Such kind of reaction appeared to have been floating in the market after receiving the reports of the recent auction of the bag covered with the moon soil. It certainly remained other big news after forty-eight long years.

As we all know the first leap on the moon was a big feat of the mankind by the Apollo-11 which landed on the moon in the Gregorian calendar year of 1969. That was definitely a tremendous scientific success for us. But the auction of the astronaut Neil Armstrong’s rare bag stained with moon loam with its auction value of rupees 11.6 crores has once again surprised us.The earth’s soil generates everything for the human beings. Whether it is grains or metals or fuels or metals everything is either produced or dug out of the soil.

However, the earth’s soil is never as much costly as the moon soil is though the land value on this living planet is in no way inferior to the immense worth of the moon soil. Being the earth’s satellite, the moon draws enough importance on earth. We eulogise the soothing character of the moon which even obtains its radiance from ever glowing Sun. Along with the potters, the motley dealers were also optimistic about their good business in view of moon soil’s auction value finalised in the foreign land.