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Modi unfit for the post says Dhoni, exclusive interview here on Faking News

09, Sep 2013 By pareshan

After Goa’s chief-minister it was the turn of Our Indian captain to criticize Modi. This has already added fuel to the raging controversy. This apparently occurred when Indian captain Mr Dhoni was invited for an interview by congress tv   NDTV’s  secular anchor Ms Nidhi Razdan. The excerpts is now available;

Nidhi Razdan: Hello Mr. Dhoni. Welcome to our secular news show on our secular TV Channel.

MS Dhoni: Yes…. I am glad to be invited to…. did I hear secular news show??!!

NR: Yes indeed, our channel has recently been anointed most secular tv news channel.

MSD: Ha ha… have I been invited to MTV Bakra by any chance!! well any ways moving on

NR: So our viewers would like to ask you, how was it win the recent championship in England

MSD: Yes was a proud moment,and dream come true for all of us..

NR: So in your opinion, the one day which will be played in controversial location in Ahmedabad.. which is ruled by Mr. Modi, who is a very controversial figure in Indian politics..

MSD: Well… Mr Modi seems to have done a lot of work, and I have heard praise about him….

NR CUTTING IN..: But you must have thought about his divisive and communal nature..

MSD: Well … I have heard a lot of good thing about him from Irfa….

NR: But you must also believe that he is a very communal figure, not as secular as Our Sonia and Rahul ji

MSD: Please let me complete… I dont know much about…

NR: Do you think Modi can help to win India in the India-England series scheduled next year…

MSD: I dont know, frankly he is too old to play cricket, how can he be suited..

NR: Well there you have it, Modi is unfit for the post….

MSD I think you are more interested in talking over me, rather than taking my interview

NR: No..for presenting the right secular news we need to ask right questions

MSD: What sort of questions are they??!!

NR: Please in the interest of secularism, it is our duty to ask, rephrase, and then use the statements…

MSD Collapses..