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Modi drops out of PM race; journalists confused what to write about now

10, Feb 2013 By Sandeep Kadian

Gandhinagar. Gujarat Chief Minister Mr. Narendra Modi, who was widely seen as the possible PM candidate of BJP, has dropped out of the race to become PM in 2014. This has left a huge number of journalists confused on what to write about now.

Making the announcement, Mr. Modi said, “I want to continue serving the people of Gujarat and have no intention of moving to Delhi in 2014. I had never mentioned any desire to move to Delhi earlier also but thought I should clarify once and for all to put several minds at rest.”

While BJP is still analyzing this news, many journalists have been left devastated by this announcement.

Narendra Modi
Modi announcing that he’s not Delhi bound

“I have just taken a home loan and was hoping to repay bulk of that amount by writing weekly articles on ‘Why Modi shouldn’t be PM’ for next 15 months. Now how will I pay my EMI!?” a senior journalist asked us.

While another journalist told Faking News, “I have already used ‘replace all’ feature and replaced Narendra Modi with Nitish Kumar in my articles but I doubt whether I will be paid same amount by my publisher for them.”

Not just the established journalists but plenty of young aspiring journalists have also been left confused by this turn of events.

An intern at an explosive news magazine said while talking to us, “I wanted to make my mark and move up the ladder quickly in this organization. I had already prepared 20 draft articles criticizing Modi’s economic policies, now what will I do with them? More importantly, how will I impress my bosses and showcase my potential? Maybe I can write articles glorifying a certain prince but hard to get noticed doing that with several ministers doing the same.”

Professional TV debate experts are also unhappy with Mr. Modi’s decision. One such expert, Roshan Lal told Faking News, “Why can’t Modi run for the PM post? I have done extensive study on him and at least one day of the week I look like a genuine expert when they discussed Modi’s Prime Ministerial ambitions. Now I will have to say random things the entire week!”

Apart from the mainstream media, several people in social media are also worried about the future.

“What will I tweet about now? My daily time pass was telling Modi supporters that Modi should not be PM and telling Modi haters that Modi should be PM. After that, they will keep tweeting to me explaining stuff I do not care about but at least I was getting constant mentions on twitter. It was amusing,” an avid user of Twitter, @GappistanRadio told Faking News.

Meanwhile, on television news channels the breaking news throughout the day was, “Modi’s announcement a blow to Modi.”