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Media personnel asked to take crash course in Microexpressions ahead of BJP announcement

14, Sep 2013 By galeej

Several executives of media powerhouses had asked the field and news personnel to take rigorous courses and training on interpreting microexpressions and body language.

This circular, obtained by your fake journalist, consisted of suggested literary citations that the senior executives had asked the field to familiarize themselves with:

1. Lie To Me (Season 1 – Season 2) (DO NOT watch Season 3)

2. Psych (Season 1 – Season 5)

3. Sherlock (British TV series Season 1 – Season 2) (If BJP announcement comes after September, DO NOT FAIL to watch Season 3 E1)

The media then went on to use the knowledge garnered from the said sources to do a thorough analysis on the  changes in microexpressions in the faces of BJP leaders when they announced Modi as their Prime Ministerial candidate.

It was noted by a famous news channel that while Modi was being calm and composed, Sushma Swaraj hiding her facial expression was like Joey from friends trying to act.  They further drew sherlockesque conjectures on possible reasons for this.

The media analyzed in depth the reasons behind Modi coming up on the stage with his left foot rather than his right.  A possible reason that was identified was that he countered the “friday the 13th bad luck charm” by putting his left foot (negative * negative = Positive logic).

They then went on to analyze the symbolism of why he stroked his hair no less than 32 times during a 30 minute interview.

One possible conjecture that was drawn was that the white hair symbolized peace and he wanted to be a development oriented Prime Minister while the congress vehemently maintained that the stroking of the hair was symbolic of him trying to assert his Hindutva agenda onto the will of the Indian people.