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Media houses trigger internal mails to not include the names of any of their journos involved in the recent RadioActive leaks

01, Jun 2015 By manithan

New Delhi: Journos, reporters and others working in Media houses across India got a surprising mail from their leadership team yesterday noon. Although the presentation varied, most of them cutting across the companies carried the same message. Our Correspondent met with a few of them to learn more about that mail.

Raman Kumar, an entry level journo at Deadlines today, said, “On Friday¬†afternoon, around 2 PM, we received a mail from leadership team. It was surpising because they mail very rarely and that too if there is some mass firing of employees or some serious salary hike. This time, the subject was ‘URGENT: Urging reporters on ground and on studios not to mention any of our employees caught in Radioactive Leaks‘.

Governments fear WikiLeaks, while Indian media fears any kind of leaks.
Governments fear WikiLeaks, while Indian media fears any kind of leaks.

The body of the mail briefed about the company policy not to highlight its employees involved in any kind of crime related to journalism, apart from their usual brand of journalism. The leadership team also warned employees to not work as sources in any of the news related to Radioactive leaks. They cited the example of taking disciplinary actions on journos who leaked info about employees linked to previous Essar leaks and Oil leaks to other competing newspapers.”

He continued, “This must be some sort of contingency measures against what this Radioactive leaks issue is going to deliver about. Not sure how many journos are going to resign after getting caught in this fiasco.”

Another anonymous person working in The Jhandhu, said, “We too got similar mails from our management, urging us to maintain calmness during these testing times and to maintain integrity which we don’t do otherwise. It seems some big heads will roll after this Radioactive leaks gets investigated. I need to read more about this leaks and the newspapers involved in it before commenting.”

While all the news manufacturing companies are jolted by another leaks surfacing up within few months after Essar leaks and Oil min leaks, further news appearing about Radioactive leaks has shocked the employees who received further updates.

“It seems Radioactive leaks was just about leakage of radioactive materials in international cargo section of Delhi airport. Our companies jumped the gun again this time and is now facing a facepalm moment. Perhaps, they are reluctant to apologize after this confusion and hence have initiated a process wherein our bosses will hear updates from their bosses and pass it on to subordinates orally. That is how we got updates about this Radioactive leaks confusions”, Raman Kumar updated us urgently, as this news was getting ready for publishing.