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Maximum outrage after journalist finds her open letter to PM wrapped over samosas she bought

31, Jul 2016 By manithan

New Delhi: A reputed journalist has gone on an all outrage mode, after finding her open letters being used in roadside chat stalls for wrapping samosas. Gharka Butt, aged 43, is a self-declared prominent journalist, who has done major contributions to the Indian paper industry by writing Open Letters to people.

The stall owner said, 'Only my samosas should have content. Hence, I choose Open Letters over answer papers for wrapping.'
The stall owner said, ‘Only my samosas should have content. Hence, I choose Open Letters over answer papers for wrapping.’

“Such an Open Letter Evangelist I am! And guess what I came across today?”, an angry Gharka thrusted an oily paper on our face when we met her outside her residence. The names of Gharka and Modi were there at the top of letter, while many portions were unreadable due to oil stains. We acted like we were clueless, albeit in reality, we would have been clueless even if we had been able to read her open letter.

With a smirk, she said, “That is my open letter to Modi. Your PM Modi. Guess where I found it? Let me take you back in time to yesterday evening. I was returning back home from my studio and on the way, I halted at a Chat stall. I was hungry and it was a damp evening, so I fantasized of having Garam Samose and ordered three samosas for parcel. Bhaiyya gave the parcel with a smile and denied taking money from me, praising me for standing against Modi and fascist forces. I got into the car, opened the parcel and started munching the hot, yummy samosa. While I was about to take the second one, I could see a similar face in the paper used for parcel.”

“Initially, I thought it was my reflection on the paper. From an angle, it even looked like actor Govinda. But, when I saw my name and contents written in that paper, I was shocked to the core. The paper that was used to wrap samosas was actually an open letter that I had sent to Modi. Since it was an Open Letter, I ensured that it got delivered directly to the PM’s secretary by my hand. I had even published an e-copy of that Open Letter in my blog and also it was re-published in my company run online website. While I cannot expect Modi or his Bhakts to read those versions, I expected your PM Modi to at least read the Open Letter that I had sent directly to him. But, to imagine that my Open Letter ending up as a samosa wrapper is paining me a lot. It boiled my tongue more than the garam samose. I am not going to leave it here. I have asked my fellow Open Letter writers to march with me to 7 RCR and demand answer from Modi. We will outrage until Modi answers. Modi must answer!”, Gharka ended her uninterrupted monologue.