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Manmohan Singh becomes Congress spokesperson, awarded best panelist by Arnab

19, Jul 2014 By mrbhat

In a surprising turn of events, former PM Mr. Manmohan Singh was appointed as Congress spokesperson. The first discussion he attended after his appointment happened to be News Hour on Times Now, headed, dominated and judged by His Highness Arnab Goswami.

Manmohan Singh
MMS after Arnab’s recognition.

As known by our sources, Congress had masterminded sending Mr. Singh to Arnab’s News Hour to make Rahul look better. As usual, Arnab taunted, screamed and went into his never, ever, ever mode. While all others were struggling to open their mouth and trying their voice to be heard, Mr. Singh was extremely calm and didn’t utter a word throughout the discussion.

Arnab had put questions to Mr. Singh multiple times and answered all of them himself before Mr. Singh opened his mouth. Mr. Singh didn’t interrupt Arnab either. This made Arnab extremely happy and he awarded Mr. Singh as the best panelist he has ever ever ever………ever seen.

One of the viewers commented to this reporter that this was the first time Arnab didn’t interrupt a panelist. Our reporter later came to know this was because Arnab didn’t get a chance to interrupt Mr. Singh.

As this news was going to press, the latest buzz was that Arnab was searching for five more panelists like Mr. Singh for his News Hour debate.