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Manish Tiwari makes a comeback, Rajdeep faints

10, Dec 2013 By anshg64

After seeing his colleague, Surjit Singh Bhajiawalla get bombarded with questions regarding Congress’s dismal performance, Manish Tiwari decided to make a comeback to TV discussions and came to his colleague’s rescue.

When asked by Rajdeep about his party’s decimation and whether his party was not able to see the writing on the wall, Tiwari replied, “See Rajdeep , there is no question of not seeing writing on the wall, there is no writing on the wall. Our party is committed to prevent the communal forces from defacing any wall which was built during our flagship scheme NREGA”.

The answer left the panel a bit confused but still Rajdeep persisted ,”Let us be honest today, why don’t you acknowledge that your party was not able to put two and two together and you could not judge the public mood.”

Tiwari continued with his platitudes ,”See, the fact of the matter remains that the Congress party under the able leadership of our Chairperson Mrs. Gandhi and our vice president Mr. Rahul Gandhi is committed to strengthening Mathematics in this country .Very soon our party will announce a “Indira Gandhi mathematics policy”. Also as you will see we do not discriminate between prime and composite numbers like BJP does when promoting its campaign 272+ ,where they have only included prime numbers. This only proves that our party does not practice the politics of exclusion and we are committed to include all sections of society. So there is no question of not seeing two and two together.”

Such ramblings of Tiwari stumped the whole panel, whereas Rajdeep fainted trying to make sense out of his arguments.

Sources later revealed how difficult it was to bring Rajdeep back to consciousness and only after they played Arnab’s debates over and over again could they succeed, doctors have however advised him not to moderate debates with Tiwari for at least six months.