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Man unable to access Times of India website after installing Net Nanny

15, Sep 2014 By surajr

Times of India categorized as ‘Adult’ by Net Nanny

Mumbai: Alok Nath, a 50 year old father of two, had recently installed Net Nanny, a parental control software, on his personal computer to prevent his daughters from accessing objectionable content on the internet. Little did he know that this decision would lead to a major upheaval in his household.

On Sunday morning, when he tried accessing his favorite “news” website, Net Nanny blocked the webpage as it was classified under “Adult” category by Net Nanny.

Speaking exclusively to Faking News, Alok Nath said, “Internet was invented to aid the spread of knowledge and help scientists and students in discovering new things. It was also helpful for Bollywood to get inspiration from Hollywood or Korean movies and songs. But unfortunately, internet has lost all these virtuous sanskaars these days. A lot of adult content is freely available on the internet. Everyone from Jennifer Lawrence bhabhi to our own Savita Bhabhi are uploading nude pictures of themselves. Even fruits and vegetables like cucumbers are getting into the act. So, to uphold bharatiya sabhyata and sanskaars in my daughters who are of marriageable age, I installed the Net Nanny software.”

“But now, I cant even access news on the internet. Looks like I will have to rely on decent and reliable websites such as for all the factual, unbiased news,” lamented Mr Alok Nath, offering this correspondent prasad from Mataji ka jagrata.

Faking News contacted Net Nanny for the reason why the leading “news” portal was classified under the Adult category. Net Nanny PRO Priya Anjali Rai told Faking News, “If you check the homepage of Times of India, only the top 1/4th of the page barely qualifies as News. But the rest of the page contains mostly plagiarized click-bait articles that are usually semi-pornographic in nature. Even that would have been acceptable for a News portal, but ToI keeps recycling the same stale, filthy stuff every other week. I mean, we have been reading about ‘top five facts about female orgasm‘ and ‘Kim Kardashian’s backside‘ since the past 4 months. So, we eventually decided to categorize Times of India in the Adult section in our website classification along with and other similar websites.”

Faking News tried contacting Times of India for a comment. However, they have declined to speak with us.