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Man sues TV manufacturer as nothing is visible on the 'other side'

05, Aug 2016 By MRP

Mumbai. Darshan Kumar is a dejected man. He feels betrayed. He feels every TV manufacturer in India has been cheating people in general and him in particular. For, he has never been able to see any program on the ‘other side’. What led his frustration is something every TV viewer in India has to think about and contemplate action on.

Once again, a near threat – "Don’t go anywhere. We will show you more on the other side."
Once again, a near threat, “Don’t go anywhere. We will show you more on the other side.”

In every program on every TV channel, at the time of a break, the viewers are told what is going to be shown on the other side of the break. And more often than not, it is said as ‘the other side’, for short. Right from Arnab Goswami, the greatest journalist of all times, to the Burkha Dutts, the Rajdeep Sardesais and the Rahul Sharmas of the world, to all and sundry, every news reader promises to air something of great interest and value when they return after a commercial break, that is “on the other side” as they all put it.

Darshan took this annoyingly repetitive usage quite literally and he can’t be blamed for that. Every time a newsreader announced an exciting story coming up on the other side, Darshan promptly took a seat behind the television set. And unfortunately, every time he was disappointed as nothing was shown on that side. Initially he thought there was something wrong with his TV. The technician opined that the set was absolutely perfect, but Darshan would not have any of it. He just bought another TV.

As luck would have it, he faced the same problem with the new one too. This went on a few times, with the technician making a fortune out of the situation. Darshan got even more annoyed because the newsreaders would tell him, almost threateningly, “Do not go away, we will be right back” or “Don’t go anywhere”, which again he took literally and would postpone even his snack breaks or biological breaks till the end of the show. At the end of all this, Darshan was so furious that he decided to sue the TV manufacturer for selling him a defective unit. While the legal notice has been shot off to the manufacturer of the latest TV that he bought, Darshan has been provided an interim solution by the technician. Given that the latest TV has a swivel, Darshan has been asked to turn the TV screen by half a circle before he changes his seat. This seems to be working for the time being and Darshan is less furious now.