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Man signs mercy petition, demands "Eminent Citizen" title from media

31, Jul 2015 By Beer & Biryani

Mumbai: In a bizarre incident, a liberal activist from South Mumbai was outraged after his name did not feature in the list of “Eminent Citizens” compiled by a popular newspaper.

“The EMINENT CITIZEN crown, made of 24-Carat Gold.”
“The EMINENT CITIZEN crown, made of 24-Carat Gold.”

Freewill Kumar is a habitual petition signer at and has signed around 1100 petitions related to a variety of scenarios ranging from #SaveCockroaches to even saving the tiger that had pounced on him. He even had started a campaign to ban mosquito bats in a bid to save mosquitoes.

Speaking to Faking News, Freewill said, “I was completely devastated when I went through the list of eminent citizens published in the newspaper. My name had not featured in it despite having signed over one thousand petitions. This calls for a new campaign to recognize all the petition signers as ‘Eminent Citizens’.”

“I’ll soon be ready with the campaign template to be published on, off-course, with fake pictures from riots that occurred in the past. This fight will continue till my name, in fact, all signer names are listed in at least one news papers as Eminent Citizens”, said Freewill as he sprung up a protest sign-board from behind, possibly to jot down his frustration.

Sources say, several Big Boss aspirants have come in support of Freewill and are planning to shout Aadarsh Liberal slogans on top of their voice to gain a wild card entry into the most sensational show of India.