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Man in shock as raddiwala refuses to pay newspaper price for Times of India

03, Sep 2014 By tanul

Mumbai. A man from the posh South Bombay locality was taken aback when a Raddiwala refused to pay ‘a newspaper price’ for Times of India. The man, known to be an avid TOI reader had collected piles of raddi (old and irrelevant newspaper/paper) which he finally thought of selling off.

“That’s all, not a rupee more”

The incident took place on Sunday morning, when Sharad Shailendra Sharma, called out a raddiwala. The raddiwala quoted a price of Rs10 per kg for an English newspaper, which delighted Mr Sharma, who took him to his house. When the raddiwala saw piles of TOI, he reportedly looked down upon Mr Sharma and bluntly refused to pay him a ‘newspaper price’ but offered a ‘waste paper price’ Re1/kg.

The raddiwala explained him the meaning of newspaper alongwith a few examples. The raddiwala also extended an offer to pay for a monthly subscription of a ‘newspaper’. The raddiwala, not stopping at this, questioned Mrs Sharma’s wisdom for having married Mr Sharma.

She is reported to have clarified by saying she was kept in dark by Mr Sharma and his family and came to know about this habit only after marriage.

While Sharma Ji is yet to come to terms with the incident, his wife was never happy with the ongoing subscription, confides her neighbor Sheila.

“She knew he subscribed for the bikini clad pics of actresses. He would often take it to the washroom. She did confront him regarding subscription at times but he quoted that, ehm, paper’s own subscription figures and claims of most read English, ehm, paper. Poor lady is now embarrased and so is her husband.”

Interestingly, one could see last-week TOI hidden below pillows in Sheila’s house while she showed us her new-newspaper subscription she got on Monday, denying any link to the Sunday’s incident.

The raddiwala, meanwhile, has shot to fame among the intellectuals. A few spiced-up sources also say he is preparing for Civil Services exam and so could not hold back his emotions when TOI was offered to him as a ‘newspaper’.

2 days now and TOI has seen a rapid fall in the readership but only in non-TOI surveys. TOI, meanwhile, has decided to bring on Kumar Vishwas and Poonam Pandey to enhance its editorial page’s ‘garbage authencity’.

“We are regressive, sorry aggressive,” said the CEO of TOI, “Our target segment is the pseudo-intellectual and libido-liberal reader.45% adverts, 20% semi-nude pics, 20% irrelevant news and a maximum 15%  genuine news is our mantra.”

“When the reader, having battled the clutter, manages to read the 15% genuine news, it gives him a feeling of achievement and a satisfaction of ‘having read the newspaper’. And customer-satisfaction is, and will be, our sole aim.”