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Man finds news on Times of India website, gets heart stroke, critical in ICU

11, Aug 2016 By honestcritic

Dilbar Ghatakwal, aged 35 never expected that he would get the shock of his life in such a harsh way. While surfing the famous website of Times of India, Dilbar, as usual expected to see Ads and news about the celebrities but got a shocker when he saw an actual news about a heated topic of the nation. He couldn’t bear the shock and got a heart stroke. He is said to be critical and has been admitted to ICU in a critical condition in Machhlibazar hospital.

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The family and relatives demanded CBI inquiry from the central government and blamed TOI for showing news without warning. Dilbar’s brother Champu Ghatakwal who is still in a state of shock said, “When you intentionally open TOI website, you expect lots of ads, celebrity gossips, photos of cleavages and such stuff but a news is something you can’t even expect to see. Such websites should be banned as they are changing their stand on journalism.”

Last year when TOI published Deepika Padukone’s cleavage pictures, it received applauds from experts in the industry and has been a number one website for soft porn and advertisements from a long time. Users in India and abroad mostly come to TOI website to satisfy their bodily urges and to see their favorite advertisements splashed all over the website.

On Dilbar’s matter, a spokesperson of TOI said, “We have started an internal inquiry on this matter. The news was not a part of actual editorial and was published by mistake. An employee eating samosas on a paper by mistake submitted it as an article and it got published. We regret for the inconvenience caused and shall ensure that such incidents do not occur in future”.

The ministry of Information & Broadcasting has issued a memo to all such media houses asking to publish a statutory warning for all such readers having weak heart. This will be displayed when a reader visits the website informing him that an actual news can be present inside among the various advertisements and double x articles. The reader should proceed at his/her own risk.

The citizens are planning a candle march at the TOI headquarters in protest of this event. We pray for quick recovery of Dilbar.