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Man admits accident victim in hospital thinking it's some social experiment to check humanity

23, Aug 2014 By trolldevi

Bangalore. 23yr old Rohan admitted an accident victim in hospital thinking that it’s some prank conducted by some channel to check people’s humanity. One of our reporters witnessed the whole incident.

It’s around 10 in the morning when the accident occurred near electronic city. Rohan was standing very near to the spot and he was shocked for a moment. He immediately recovered from shock and ran near to the motorcyclist who was totally injured. Rohan started revolving around the victim turning and showing his own face in all angles without checking what happened. He started giving his own speech about how the humanity in people is almost extinct. He whispered to the victim, “Just keep acting. I’ll finish it in a while.” Later he completed his warm speech which apparently lifted from various Aamir Khan speeches.

Humane capsules which are still in process

He stopped one auto and helped the victim into it. He didn’t say anything to the auto guy except for “just wait. They’ll end the show soon.” This is when the victim started losing his consciousness and the auto guy rushed to the hospital without listening to rohan’s threats of not paying auto fare.

The nurse in the hospital explained us the remaining story. Hospital people asked who’s the guardian, for which Rohan replied “Me. I witnessed the accident. I don’t even know who this guy is,” and murmured “how long they gonna continue this??”. This act of extreme humanity by a normal s/w engineer shocked the entire hospital department.

The news reached the higher authorities of hospital and now they’re conducting tests on Rohan to find the humanity levels. They’re even hoping to use humanity serum from Rohan’s body to manufacture humane capsules.

Our reporter who couldn’t help the victim at the spot because he’s busy playing candy crush saga level 2999, finally reached the hospital. He started taking Rohan’s interview who was highly disappointed about his heroic act not being captured in camera.

“I really hoped it must be some prank. Eventhough I witnessed the whole accident, some part of me told that it’s a hidden camera. Since these hidden cameras are getting popular, I thought they increased the budget and using some live action. I even put on some make-up before going to help him. Am I going to be in TV at least now?” he asked our reporter, for which he replied ” Nah!!! We’re only on internet and yeah, I didn’t even bring my camera..see ya”