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Madam resigned because Faking News provide more genuineness than her real and honest news : Barkha Dutt's Office Boy

17, Jan 2017 By sameer mahawar

Mumbai. Veteran Journalist Barkha Dutt made news on Sunday by tweeting about the end of her journey with TV news channel NDTV.

The reason behind this sudden exit may be accounted to the start of her own new venture, which as per the sources close to her, is driven be increasing popularity of Faking News.

Tough competitors of Faking news
Tough competitors of Faking news

As per Barkha’s office boy, she had been following Faking News since last year. “Madam ji is a secret follower of India’s number one satire portal. She prepares her news report, then compares it with a similar story on Faking News and ends up discarding her original report. To her, the truth behind the satire makes more sense than the actual news presented by her”, said the office boy.

Adding on further he said, “She tried appeasing people by playing freedom of speech and minority cards. But every time, the reach of her news felt short of reach of an average Faking News article which made her jealous. She got frustrated with her routine work and ended up signing anonymously on the satire portal where she had submitted her real reports which were welcomed by public as genuine Faking News.”

It is learnt that Barkha may soon open a new satire portal “Faking News (Minority)” where the reports would be majorly related to Dalits and Muslims.