Monday, 19th March, 2018

Life staggers before miraculous escape

05, Aug 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: Sometimes we dodge death for life. Although life and death are totally in the hands of Almighty, miraculous escape makes us think of wonder. It has been felt several times but the people’s memory is short-lived. They find such instance by turns and consider of the new incident more carefully than previous escapes. It is definitely a practical fact. The escape takes place because the time for an end of earthly life hangs on. A 62-year-old aged woman was saved miraculously despite flowing into the river’s speedy stream.

She continued to be tossed up and down by the river’s swift surge all through the night. She could not lose her breath in the water all the time. However, she was spotted by the active and cautious fishermen who were out to throw the fishing net into the river water. It was her life which kept her alive in spite of her eight-hour long struggle with the inflexible situation.  The time she was taken out from the strong currents of the Damodar River, her heart beat was not abnormal in spite of her awful state.

She felt like regaining second life from the long nightmare. Her 13-hour long ordeal seemed like the suffering of thirteen years. She was constantly crying for the immediate assistance but it became possible only at the dawn. If the fishermen would not come out in search of their routine livelihood, she would not have been rescued in time. In a fit of viewing the sight of the inundated river she accidentally slipped into the formidable flow of the river. Standing by the name of Tapti, she could not properly recall the cause of her fall into the river current.  She was shocked to know everything afterwards. She stated that her safe homecoming was a miracle for her.